Getting healthy at work has never been so easy! It's getting started that can be the hardest part.

That's why we have a statewide network of Get Healthy at Work service providers that are ready to help. They'll work with you to set some health goals and develop a simple action plan that's tailored to the needs of your workers. 

Alternatively, your business can develop and implement its action plan independently using our interactive training tutorials and online tools and resources to support you every step of the way. A top choice particularly if you have HR or WHS staff with experience in rolling out these types of initiatives.

When it comes to health checks, having workers complete the health check online is easy and shouldn't interfere with work schedules or deadlines because it can be done anytime. But if you have a highly mobile workforce or workers that don't have access to a PC or tablet while at work, a face-to-face health check with a health practitioner might be the way to go. Face-to-face health checks can have a greater impact on some workers too. 

Regardless of which delivery option you choose, it's completely free! Register your business to make your selection.

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Table 1. Understanding the benefits

workplace health program

Action Bonus!

Once you get started on your Brief Health Checks and submit your Action Plan your business* could qualify for the Action Bonus (Previously known as Get Healthy Points)

The Action Bonus value has dramatically increased to a maximum of $10,137 (based on eligibility criteria). The Action Bonus can be used to purchase products or services that support your Workplace Health Program.

Your Action Bonus can be used to purchase products or services that support your Action Plan such as healthy eating workshops, quit smoking support groups, end of trip cycling facilities and fitness trackers just to name a few. Your Service Provider can provide support to write your Action Plan and spend your Action Bonus.

* Government agencies, public sector departments and micro businesses are not eligible for the Action Bonus.

One time only offer

The full range of service delivery options is only available to you once. This means you'll only be able to request support from a service provider for your first Get Healthy at Work program cycle - after that, you're on your own! 

Not that you should be afraid. A service provider's goal is to help build capacity in your business to roll out subsequent workplace health programs using the Get Healthy at Work training, tools and resources time and time again. You'll be a workplace health pro in no time!


Choosing a service delivery option might be the toughest decision you make - but it doesn't need to be. Use the feedback form or call 13 10 50 for further advice and registration support.