A comprehensive approach

For businesses with greater than 50 workers or those businesses wanting to tackle a range of travel issues the comprehensive option is ideal. 

The Workplace Travel Planning Guide details the steps involved in developing a travel plan. Creating a travel plan will help larger businesses to develop a successful strategy for increasing the number of people walking, cycling and catching public transport to work.

The comprehensive option involves working through six steps:

  1. Gather data by conducting a site review and surveying workers
  2. Gain support by engaging with stakeholders
  3. Determine what you want to achieve
  4. Develop your plan
  5. Launch the plan and implement actions
  6. Monitor and review your achievements and look to the future

To find out how workers are traveling to and from work use the Worker Travel Survey.

To develop your plan use the Travel Plan Template.

The factsheets and the action guide on the right will give you plenty of  ideas on actions you can include in your plan.

To learn more about how Get Healthy at Work can help, complete the online training for active travel