Alcohol resources

Most Australians who drink alcohol do so at levels that have few adverse effects. However, any level of drinking increases the risk of ill-health and injury. Drinking a lot of alcohol over time can cause weight gain and lead to serious health problems including damage to your brain and liver, heart disease and high blood pressure.

There is no safe level of drinking. For people under 18 years of age, for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, not drinking is the safest option. 

The following strategies may encourage responsible use of alcohol among your workers.
  •  If alcohol is provided at a work function, always provide water as a substitute.
  •  Always serve healthy food if serving alcohol.
  •  At work functions, provide safe alternative transport options.
  •  Display information on safe alcohol consumption guidelines.

Download the useful resources on the right to support workers in addressing harmful alcohol consumption. Start with the Action Guide!

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