Physical activity resources

Regular physical activity can help control weight, boost energy levels, promote better sleep and help prevent disease. You can encourage your workers to be more physically active while at work with some quick, low or no-cost changes. 

  • Go for walking meetings (instead of sitting or ‘coffee’ meetings). These work well with a maximum of three people.
  • Encourage and support workers to use active transport options, such as using public transport or parking the car further away from work and walking the rest of the way. 
  • Encourage workers to use the stairs. 
  • Promote local, state and national physical activity events, such as Walk to Work Day and Ride to Work Day.

Download the useful resources on the right to help address physical activity at your workplace. Start with the Action Guide! You may also wish to access the active travel resources.

Click here to download useful resources which will help you promote the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service to workers.

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