Workplace resources - Mental health

Between 15% and 30% of Australian workers will experience mental health problems at some point, and it can happen to anyone. These resources, programs and services can help improve mental health support at your workplace.

Mental (psychological) health, just like physical health, is an important part of work health and safety (WHS). Violence, fatigue, bullying, stress, work pressure, a poor work environment or a traumatic event can cause health issues such as psychological injury. It is important to manage  risks associated with exposure to hazards arising from any work that could result in physical or psychological harm. WorkCover NSW provides resources and support to assist businesses in managing mental health risks in the workplace. 

Developed by the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and beyondblue, Heads Up is all about supporting Australian businesses to create more mentally healthy workplaces. At headsup.org.au you can access a wide range of resources, information and advice – all of which are designed to offer simple, practical and, importantly, achievable guidance for organisations of every size and industry. You can also create an action plan that’s tailored for your business. This interactive tool will help you define and prioritise your goals, identify risk areas and take a step-by-step approach to creating a mentally healthy workplace.  

Man Therapy, developed by beyondblue, is a website for the 5.5 million Australian men aged 18 to 54. In particular, the site aims to reach young men aged 18 to 24, fathers aged 25 to 54, men living and working in urban growth areas, men living and working in regional and remote areas, men who are unemployed and men who are misusing alcohol or drugs. The star of the Man Therapy campaign is Dr Brian Ironwood, a fictional doctor who uses humour and honest discussion to guide men through the website and provide them with the instructions and tools so they can take action against depression and anxiety. 

MATES in Construction NSW is an organisation formed to reduce the level of suicide and improve the mental health and wellbeing of workers in the New South Wales construction industry. 

OzHelp provides support, training and wellness services to building, construction, mining, forestry and other workplaces. OzHelp's focus is on suicide prevention and developing wellness strategies in individuals, as well as workplace initiatives.  

  • 1300 DRIVER

1300 DRIVER (1300 374 837) offers education, information, one-off and ongoing support, and referrals for long haul truck drivers and their families with issues related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, health and lifestyle. 1300 DRIVER is anonymous, confidential and staffed by experienced health professionals. Your phone number does not appear when you call and calls are not recorded. It is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.