Ready to get healthy at work?

The first step of the program cycle, ‘Get the ball rolling’, means getting buy-in and interest from business leaders and workers. For some businesses, you'll need to do this before you register for Get Healthy at Work.

We have developed resources as well as an online training tutorial to help you with this important step. 

Leadership commitment 

The first step is to build a simple business case or justification for your workplace health program, and gain the support of leaders within your workplace. It’s important for senior leaders to have a clear understanding of the program aims, expectations and the resources needed. If managers support the goals and participate in the program, workers will be more enthusiastic and motivated to join in. 

Email us to request our Building a Business Case Guide including some of the latest Australian research and statistics on workplace health.

It’s also a good idea at this point to identify a key contact to coordinate and drive your workplace health activities. This might be one person in a small workplace, though in a large workplace we recommend at least two contacts are identified to be the Workplace Health Champions. They might have human resources or health and safety as part of their role already.

Worker involvement

Once you have management support and a workplace key contact, it’s time to involve everyone else at work. There are a few ways to do this, depending on the size and culture of your workplace. 

You might like to involve workers through an existing group or committee, by setting up a new group or committee (which might be more suitable for medium to large workplaces) or by developing a network of Workplace Health Champions (especially if your workplace has multiple sites) to help support and promote your program and its activities. 

These workers should represent different departments, worksites and levels, as well as different cultural groups and work patterns (i.e. shift work, part-time, contract workers).

Worker confidentiality: Part of gaining worker support and trust in a workplace health program is about ensuring a high level of sensitivity and privacy. It’s important to stress that all information collected through Brief Health Checks and Worker Surveys is anonymous and completely confidential. The way this information is collected means individual workers cannot be identified by the workplace.

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