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When it comes to your business, workers are your most valuable asset. That's why caring for their health is important.

No matter how big or small your workplace, Get Healthy at Work can help address individual, behavioural and workplace factors leading to poor health. It can also help in reducing tobacco and alcohol use, increasing physical activity and healthy eating, and improve weight in workers.

A healthy worker is good for business

In the short-term, you'll be able to recognise a successful workplace health program by the way your team:

  • Works together
  • Engages in their jobs
  • Enjoys their work

In the long-term, a successful workplace health program may influence the performance of your workplace through:

  • Gains in staff retention
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced corporate image

A healthy worker is a safe worker

If safety is a concern at your workplace, there's even more reason to invest in health. While the focus has traditionally been on 'workplace health and safety', there is growing recognition that healthy workers are safe workers.

Healthy workers are:

  • Fitter
  • More aware and alert
  • More resilient against illness

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