This is an easy to use calculator that can help to measure potential savings associated with implementing a successful workplace health program by measuring absenteeism and staff turnover in the workplace. 

This calculator can be used in two ways: 
  • as a business case to demonstrate potential savings your business could expect from a successful workplace program; or 
  • to track progress of a workplace program that you have implemented or are currently implementing. 

Download an excel version of the Workplace Health Savings Calculator. HTML version coming soon or click here.

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An example

In the last 12 months, a company of 50 staff has experienced a sick leave rate of 8.5 days per employee and has recruited 3 replacement staff due to resignations. The average staff salary is $50,000. The company runs a shift roster of 8-hour days and the average hourly wage is $25. 

These figures were calculated on a reduction in absenteeism of 30%, reduction in staff turnover of 10% and a 75% staff replacement cost. All of these figures are estimated averages. More information on the development of the calculator is available here. 

Savings example

The NSW Government wishes to acknowledge the Australian Department of Health, the Menzies Institute for Medical Reseach and the Tasmanian Department of Health for this content.