But getting healthy with others is easier. Get Healthy at Work can help you start to feel better, have more energy and reduce your risk of preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

If you want your workplace to participate in Get Healthy at Work you first need to get buy-in and interest from senior leaders. For a workplace health program to be successful then requires involvement of workers across all levels.

Leadership commitment

The first step is to build a case or justification for your workplace health program, and gain the support of leaders within your workplace. It’s important for senior leaders to have a clear understanding of the program aims, expectations and the resources needed. If managers support the goals and participate in the program, workers will be more enthusiastic and motivated to join in.

If your workplace is small, this will probably be the manager or a supervisor, but in larger workplaces this might involve a wider range of senior stakeholders.

It’s also a good idea at this point to identify a key contact to coordinate and drive your workplace health activities. This might be one person in a small workplace, though in a larger workplace we recommend at least two contacts. They might have human resources or health and safety as part of their role already.


On this page you can download some useful resources to help encourage leadership commitment.

Get Healthy at Work fact sheet - a one page fact sheet outlining the Get Healthy at Work service 

Manager engagement email - an email template to request the participation of senior leaders 

Get Healthy at Work next steps email - an email template to outline to senior leaders the next steps of the Workplace Health Program 

Get Healthy at Work presentation - an easy-to-use Powerpoint slideshow to present the business case for workplace health and outline the high level commitment required 

Email us to order a Workplace Information Kit to share with business leaders. The kit includes flyers, fact sheets, a guide book and more.