Eating healthy foods can help improve your energy levels, weight, sleep patterns, ability to fight infection and reduce your chance of developing serious health risks.

Aim for a variety of nutritious foods most days. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, legumes (such as dried beans, lentils) and wholegrain foods. Also include lean meat, skinless chicken, fish and low-fat dairy products.

Plan 1-2 simple ways you can start eating more healthier in the next week:

  •  Eat an extra 1-2 serves of vegetables each day
  •  Add more vegetables onto your plate
  •  Eat vegetables as a healthy snack
  •  Eat 2 medium pieces of fruit each day
  •  Cut down on fatty and sugary foods and alcohol

Swap to healthier choices, such as:

  •  Swap soft drinks, juice or energy drinks for plain water
  •  Swap a side of hot chips for salad or steamed vegetables
  •  Swap snack food, cakes and biscuits for a piece of fruit
  •  Swap meat pies and sausage rolls for a sandwich or wrap
  •  Swap fried fast food for fresh food

For more information and healthy recipes,

See brochures about the revised Australian Dietary Guidelines at

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