For technical support, to order a Workplace Information Kit and other questions about Get Healthy at Work please complete the feedback form or call 13 10 50.

What is the Get Healthy at Work service?
Get Healthy at Work is NSW Government initiative that aims to help improve the health of working adults by focussing on:

It provides businesses with free support, tools and resources to address workplace factors that contribute to poor health, promote better health in a workplace setting and support workers in achieving their personal health goals.

Is Get Healthy at Work for businesses or workers?
Get Healthy at Work provides two free services to NSW businesses - a Workplace Health Program and Brief Health Checks. While workers benefit from the health activities implemented by the business as part of their Workplace Health Program, workers are unable to register for Get Healthy at Work. Only workers at registered businesses have the opportunity to complete the free Brief Health Check. Please see For workers for more information.

Workers wanting to improve their own health are encouraged to view More help to get healthy.

How do I get Get Healthy at Work at my workplace?
Businesses must register for the service using their ABN or business name. At the time of registration they must advise how many workers their ABN employs in NSW and how many worksites their ABN operates in NSW. Head to the homepage to get started.

For registration advice and support please complete the feedback form or call 13 10 50.

What does the Get Healthy at Work service cost businesses?
There is no cost to businesses. Businesses can choose to add additional resources to support health programs.

What does the Get Healthy at Work service cost workers?
There is no cost to workers.

Can you help me gain leadership commitment and make a business case for my organisation to participate in Get Healthy at Work?
Yes. Ahead of registration businesses can access some of the 'Get the ball rolling' (Step 1) resources here.

What is the Workplace Health Program?
All the tools, templates and resources you need to develop a simple action plan to address a priority health issue at your workplace. The five-step program is available online or at your worksite/office with the support of a service provider.

What does the Brief Health Check involve?
The Brief Health Check is a free and confidential service for workers, completed either online or by a health professional at your workplace. It takes just 15 minutes and offers immediate feedback about an individual’s health and risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also provides advice on how to make changes for better health, with referrals to lifestyle coaching programs and other health services.

Is there a limit to how much help I can get from a service provider with the Workplace Health Program?
Yes. Participating businesses can only have a service provider assist them to create their first Workplace Health Program and only at the worksites/offices that were registered at the time when they requested a service provider. 

For subsequent Workplace Health Programs at existing or new worksites/offices, the business will use the skills and capabilities it gained through working alongside the service provider during the initial engagement, in addition to all the tools, templates, resources and training available to all businesses at all times.

Is there a limit to the number of Brief Health Checks I can receive from a service provider (ie. face-to-face)?
During the first Workplace Health Program only, a businesses is able to access up to 500 face-to-face Brief Health Checks at no cost. Any additional face-to-face Brief Health Check requirements and associated costs should be discussed with the appointed service provider. This includes face-to-face Brief Health Checks in addition to the 500, as well as any face-to-face Brief Health Checks required at worksites/offices participating in subsequent Workplace Health Programs.

At all times, businesses can access an unlimited number of online Brief Health Checks.

What is a Workplace Summary Report?
Individual worksites/offices that have more than 50 workers complete Brief Health Checks become eligible for a Workplace Summary Report. While it doesn't contain any personal data that could identify a specific worker, it does provide the worksite/office with a summary of the overall health of their workers. For example: 30% of workers at 'Worksite A' smoke. This report helps the worksite/office determine which health issue(s) to address through their Workplace Health Program. Click here to view an example.

We are a national company. Can our interstate offices participate in Get Healthy at Work as well?
Yes and no. Interstate worksites/offices are ineligible for service provider support (i.e. assistance with the Workplace Health Program or face-to-face Brief Health Checks) and as such, can't be formally registered on the website. However interstate worksites/offices can still benefit from the overarching Workplace Health Program you develop as well as your ongoing access to all the tools, templates, resources and training that is available following log-in to the business portal. 

For businesses wanting to complete face-to-face Brief Health Checks at interstate offices/worksites, we recommend discussing this with the appointed service provider to discuss feasibility and costs.

I requested a service provider but haven't heard from anyone. 

Service providers have five (5) business days to respond to your request. If more than a week has passed since you Selected a delivery option, please contact us via feedback.

I need to increase the number of worksites or workers I declared when I registered my business?
Increasing the number of worksites or workers you registered is not always possible without deleting your account. Please contact us via feedback for advice.

I need help with the program steps?
Online training tutorials are available on the following topics: