Welcome to your brief health check


Welcome to the online Brief Health Check, part of the Get Healthy at Work program at your workplace. Participation is voluntary and your answers will remain completely confidential.

What’s involved in the Brief Health Check?

    • A few short questions about your health and lifestyle
    • Your waist measurement
    • Immediate results about your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
    • Advice to help you reduce your risk

The results of your Brief Health Check are a useful guide, but do not replace going to your doctor. Depending on your results you may be advised to see your doctor for further assessment.

Rest assured your workplace will not have access to your personal results. If more than 50 people in your workplace complete a Brief Health Check, a summary of all the findings will be provided to help prioritise the main health issues for your workplace.

Your Brief Health Check results, excluding any personal information, will be combined with all other workers’ results for NSW Ministry of Health to evaluate the overall Get Healthy at Work service.

Please complete the following information about where you work

Individual Health Check